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No waste of time

The efficient stainless steel knives, with vertical & horizontal action, enable you to prepare soups, stewed fruits, cocktails and smoothies quickly and effortlessly.

Turbo function

The Stickmixer has 2 speed setting including a Turbo function. The Turbo function gives an optimal power in order to process quickly the ingredients.

1,8m extra long reach

Instant Mix has a Extra long cord (1,8m) that provides you all the comfort needed while using the Stick Mixer in the kitchen.The cord can be easily stored thanks to the wall mounting cord storage device provided.

Easy to assembly

You can use it in a flash as it is easy to handle! The bayonet lock enables a quick assemble for use and a quick disassemble for cleaning and storage.


  • 2 скоростей 


  • Энергопотребление
  • Мощность, Вт 400
  • Длина сетевого шнура, м 1.8
  • Основные данные
  • Количество лезвий 2
  • Защита лезвий None
  • Дополнительные данные
  • Цвет Сиреневый
  • Основной цвет нет данных
  • Функция Food_Preparation
  • Скребок Нет
  • Продуктовый код (PNC) 910 002 038