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Powerful motor with 2 speeds

Powerful motor with 2 speeds

The 600 W motor provides consistent mixing and a smooth result, whether you are making a full-bodied soup or a healthy smoothie. Two speed settings also allow you to easily adjust the speed while mixing and get the results you want.

Elegant design

Elegant design

Minimalistic design and layout that fits most kitchens. With elegant colors and subtle buttons this stick mixer fits right in among the hand mixers, stand mixers and other household appliances in a busy kitchen.

Extra accessories

Extra accessories

To this stick mixer you will receive a hardy 700 ml beaker, whisk and a large chopper, ideal for chopping fresh herbs. The beaker is perfectly safe for dishwashers and of appropriate portion size for a smoothie or soup for two.

Mixer foot stainless steel

Mixer foot stainless steel

A lightweight mixer foot in stainless steel leaves an elegant impression on the kitchen counter. Long lasting material that is also easy to clean. Length of the mixer foot fits perfectly into the included beaker of 700 ml – another concern out of the way.


  • Мощность: 600 Вт

  • Мини-измельчитель Для измельчения льда

  • 2 скоростей Для выбора оптимальной скорости

  • Традиционный венчик Настройки прибора регулируются для адаптации к любому нужному вам рецепту.


Мощность, Вт 600
Длина сетевого шнура, м 1
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