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Dishwasher & oven safe

Dishwasher & oven safe

The entire Infinite ChefCollection is fully dishwasher and oven-safe.

Designed to fit perfectly on Electrolux induction hobs

Designed to fit perfectly on Electrolux induction hobs

The Infinite Chef Collection’s multi-layer construction is optimised for Electrolux induction hobs and also fits all other hob surfaces. Fully flat bases optimise adherence to the hob surface and maximise heat transfer efficiency.

Reliable technology

Reliable technology

The materials are all perfectlycombined to ensure heatspreads evenly over the entiresurface, including the sides, for uniform, controlled cooking.Even when heated quickly, no deflection or deformation willoccur (Long life quality).

Multi-layer materials

Multi-layer materials

The magnetic steel outer gives superior induction and is simple to clean. The core is three layer aluminium – an excellent heat conductor. While the inside is crafted from hygienic, easy clean, corrosionresistant18/10 stainless steel.


Тип установки Accessory FS/BI
Ширина, мм 300
Глубина, мм. 300